Prodigality [noun]

Definition of Prodigality:


Opposite/Antonyms of Prodigality:

Sentence/Example of Prodigality:

The pyramids are the most conspicuous example of this prodigality.

His charity was only another form of prodigality, He was a gambler, too.

His money gone, he was made treasurer of the troupe his prodigality had ruined.

They have played with number with magnificent audacity and prodigality.

Its prodigality was, to do it justice, tempered by extortion.

Her frugal silence mocked his prodigality of hopes and fears.

Nature, in her prodigality, formed him upon a generous pattern.

But all this prodigality and easiness of life detracts a little from ambition.

And I am afraid it is very often the wives, Honora, who take the lead in prodigality.

The prodigality of a Polish feast exceeds all comprehension.