Prodigy [noun]

Definition of Prodigy:

person or thing that is extraordinary

Synonyms of Prodigy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prodigy:

Sentence/Example of Prodigy:

Was it possible that she herself was there, in the expectation of bringing about a prodigy?

Although implored and hoped for, the prodigy did not appear, and the room was silent and anxious.

Was the wonderful event about to take place, the prodigy she awaited?

By a prodigy Guillaume was alive and already on his legs again.

He prefers to frolic and philosophise with his prodigy on the sands.

Thus, she remained immutable, superior to fatigue, and ever relying on a prodigy.

It is marvelous that it should be a prodigy and at the same time common.

In Berlin the boy of eleven years was soon recognized as a prodigy.

There were incidents in which action assumed the proportions of prodigy.

But in those days a man who could read was regarded as a prodigy of learning.