Prodromal [adjective]

Definition of Prodromal:

earlier, above

Opposite/Antonyms of Prodromal:

Sentence/Example of Prodromal:

In cases where there had been no prodromal symptoms pointing definitely to dementia prcox the outcome was almost always good.

Sometimes the stupor is preceded by convulsions, at other times by a prodromal stage of general nervousness.

One man may steal under the influence of the prodromal stage of paresis who has been previously of high moral character.

At the end of the prodromal stage there most usually occurs an attack of acute mania of a furious impulsive kind.

Most of the cases during the prodromal stage are sullen, morose or suspicious, and indifferent to their friends and surroundings.

The general symptoms, with the exception of the fever, do not greatly differ from those common to the prodromal stage.