Proem [noun]

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If correctly given the centre letters of the lights will give the proem.

Pampinea was the eldest (Proem), and by inference Elisa the youngest.

See his own acknowledgment in the Proem to the poems of 1842.

It is in the form of a "Proem" to a treatise on the Interpretation of Nature.

For though he "may now call myself free," that Proem tells us that after all we owe the Decameron itself indirectly to Fiammetta.

I sent you the proem, which you published as a preface to the "Froissart Ballads."

And in the proem to the same book, Fon on ꝼιꞇꞇe, "Put into (fitt) verse."

After writing these words I read to G. the Proem and opening scene of my novel, and he expressed great delight in them.

After deploring, in the proem of Sister Songs, the lateness of the season, it is suddenly upon him.

But the vale of Llangollen is only the proem to the true epopea, the high mountain district.