Profaner [noun]

Definition of Profaner:

person who is leery, unbelieving

Synonyms of Profaner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Profaner:

Sentence/Example of Profaner:

Only that he was a hateful heretic, a profaner of sanctuaries.

Picton expressed his admiration in stronger and profaner language.

If Religion begins to fail, we must employ the profaner word.

Together they search for the profaner of the sacred spot at a market.

It was these profaner images that inflamed Phædra and Pasiphae.

It never stepped into the glare, the contention of profaner air.

The Confraternity was not itself the author or performer of the profaner kind of dramatic performance.

They repeat the compliments they hear, and burn incense in the virgins bower at hours when the profaner sex may not enter.

Your gentle heart, my girl, is too pure and holy a shrine to afford refuge to a rebel, and a profaner of woman's sacred rights.

Her sainthood was so accomplished, her union with heaven so complete, that she could afford herself these profaner sympathies.