Professionalism [noun]

Definition of Professionalism:

polished skill

Synonyms of Professionalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Professionalism:

Sentence/Example of Professionalism:

Another mark of professionalism is its manipulative tendency.

The Cult of the Nation is the professionalism of the people.

Fourth, maintaining a professional distance was a hallmark of professionalism.

No hint, even, of professionalism tainted them, it was said.

Bull-fighting is one of the many sports that have been ruined by professionalism.

The consciousness of God had not been blurred by long years of professionalism.

He said it was cockney impudence because it lacked the professionalism he expected.

But the conquering advance is from the ranks of professionalism.

He thinks that playing football or baseball for the gate receipts smacks of professionalism; sport for sports sake, says Wheels.

Diplomacy, it appears, is the only branch of British sport that has succeeded in escaping the taint of professionalism.