Professorial [adjective]

Definition of Professorial:


Opposite/Antonyms of Professorial:

Sentence/Example of Professorial:

The same king endowed three professorial chairs with ₱ 10,000 each.

Even for his classroom he had no platitudes, no stock of professorial anecdotes.

Mackintosh would have been most at home in a professorial chair.

Consider, first, the repute that attaches to the professorial title.

But this is not reprehensible; it is admirable—from the professorial point of view.

The remainder of his life he devoted to his professorial duties.

Prigge tilted back his head and put on his professorial air.

Then one would have professorial government, and Upsala would be—no, not the professors!

Certainly, the city has a professorial air, which is native.

We cannot think of Plato and Aristotle, save in professorial robes.