Professorships [noun]

Definition of Professorships:

person in or position of authority

Synonyms of Professorships:

Opposite/Antonyms of Professorships:


Sentence/Example of Professorships:

A sheriffship and a professorship are fatal to literary industry.

But what will you live on, since, as a Jew, you can't get any post or professorship in Prussia?

At Bologna this professorship is said to have existed in 1125.

He founded a convent for Sufis and a professorship of jurisprudence.

For, of course, he wants to consult me about the Cambridge professorship.

As a result of this expression he lost his professorship at King's College.

Not even the offer of a professorship could have kept him in Ireland.

Born in Luxemburg and died in Gent, where he long held a professorship.

He was appointed to a professorship of Latin and Greek, in 1833.

In our University you know there is no professorship of Divinity.