Profiteers [noun]

Definition of Profiteers:

newly rich

Synonyms of Profiteers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Profiteers:


Sentence/Example of Profiteers:

The profiteer found a fine field in the manufacture of shoddy.

It is the profiteer, not privation, that makes man shake his chains.

It was the policy of the Army not to "profiteer" in the United Kingdom.

Neither did Hindenburg, nor any German war lord, nor any profiteer.

Silas Angmering had evidently been what is called a profiteer.

"I'm awfully sorry I called you a profiteer," he said humbly.

All the practices of the "profiteer" and his ilk are discountenanced by far-seeing people.

The profiteer, the shirk, the fraud of any sort, was instantly unmasked.

If "The Profiteer" is not the right answer, it's quite a good guess.

It is not my purpose to dwell upon those disgraceful landlords who profiteer.