Profiting [verb]

Definition of Profiting:

gain; get or give an advantage

Opposite/Antonyms of Profiting:

Sentence/Example of Profiting:

Profiting by these aids, an improved type of cable was designed.

Dimly it passed through my mind that she had been profiting by her lessons lately.

To take your life would be to deprive you of the means of profiting by this lesson.

The vigilantes themselves, profiting by the momentary diversion, got away.

"Yes, sir," replied Bottles quickly, profiting by Paddy's lesson.

Was it possible that they were profiting by his ignorance of their regulations?

I did so, profiting by Billy's experience, and slid carefully forward.

They had cost him a lot of trouble to establish; and now another was profiting by them!

He might, indeed, be not wholly averse to profiting by such lapses.

I let him know that I supposed you to think of profiting by the importance of Mr. Bender's visit.