Profounder [adjective]

Definition of Profounder:

intellectual, thoughtful

Synonyms of Profounder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Profounder:

Sentence/Example of Profounder:

There was profound conviction in the emphasis with which she spoke her warning.

The world-shaking conceptions have always been won in profound experience.

Martin looked at her respectfully but with profound curiosity.

He listened in a stillness of dread which resembled the immobility of profound attention.

The Personage on the hearthrug had been listening with profound attention.

And the confidence he had to make was of a profound psychological order.

After this profound observation the experienced Toodles seemed to reflect.

“Not very,” Mr Verloc managed to falter out, in a profound shudder.

The silence was profound, but shaken now and then by a grumble of distant thunder.

"No one would dare say such a thing," she asserted with profound conviction.