Profoundly [adverb]

Definition of Profoundly:


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Sentence/Example of Profoundly:

Wilson's voice showed that he was more than incredulous; he was profoundly moved.

The attitude in which he rested his menaced eyes was profoundly meditative.

I was not profoundly convinced that this was a safe risk for me to take.

The building was profoundly dark, and none were moving near it save themselves.

Never before had she felt so profoundly the puissance of her sex.

And they did not even speak, so profoundly did they enjoy the happiness of being together.

In her voice there was a thrill of such tenderness that it moved him profoundly.

Now that his daughter was made the subject of them, he was profoundly agitated.

Believe me I am profoundly desolated by circumstances which I had not expected to find.

A profoundly tender desire for her happiness was in complete possession.