Profoundness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Profoundness:

As they drew near the Point, they were struck with the profoundness of its quiet.

I declare, the profoundness, the ingeniousness, and the boldness of your successful answers filled me with amazement!

Profoundness in their apprehension and glorifying of everyday things (fire, agriculture).

His view only differs from the summary before us in the power of its eloquence and the profoundness of its psychologic insight.

We may acquire languages; we may devote ourselves to arts; we may give ourselves up to the profoundness of science.

Looking back, one is indeed tempted to forget the profoundness of the philosopher, in recollection of the loveableness of the man.

They all treat of the praise of the Right Path, but, owing to their profoundness, are hard to understand.'

A thinner skin permits to the touch of woman, more vivacity, delicacy, and profoundness.

As natural sleep has different degrees of profoundness, so has trance sleep.

In patristic study he may have stood beneath Luther; in originality and profoundness of thought he was certainly inferior to More.