Profundity [noun]

Definition of Profundity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Profundity:

Sentence/Example of Profundity:

And even as it rose its power was dashed again in the profundity of her suffering.

Little by little Charles-Norton sank into a profundity of well-being.

The capacity of a people for profundity is not profundity, either of the individual or of the community.

Profundity is often supposed to be obscurity, but the deepest depth is clear.

She paused again, to be sure of doing justice to Cecil's profundity.

What she read amazed her with its profundity and amused her with its inconclusiveness.

No ray of light penetrated into the profundity of the cavern.

She is thinking we admire the length of her tail and the profundity of her mind.

He surpasses them in the variety of his ailments, and the profundity of his pains.

He could talk with the profundity of an ass and write with the imbecility of an ox.