Progenies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Progenies:

Her instinctive fear of the father of her progeny was toning down.

Progeny of good quality grow up, so to speak, by themselves.

These he mates, and from their progeny he selects the ones that suit him best.

It would be out of fashion—Danny's progeny have taken care of that.

In motive and method it is not business, it is different from trade; for it is a progeny of pity.

I know not why Lilith should have such a grudge against my progeny.

The whole bank reeked with the discarded meals of their progeny.

Is he not gaining time for his mares and progeny to get out of danger?

Why had I blindly consented to care for that woman's progeny?

Let us revert to the myths and trace the descent of Minos and his progeny.