Prognostic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prognostic:

"She will recover," he murmured, as though giving utterance to a prognostic.

The prognostic importance of the enumeration of the white blood corpuscles.

Wat Wilder has observed it at the same time, and confirms the prognostic.

It was Ellison who suggested that they were prognostic of death.

For that it was a prognostic of some fearful calamity, no one thought of doubting.

The prognostic of Costal about the weather appeared likely to be realised.

The letter came to the Egyptian king like a prognostic of evil.

These threads are often said to be a prognostic of storm; but they are not produced by storm.

In general these have little diagnostic or prognostic significance.

It was easier to believe in any miracle of good than in the least prognostic of evil.