Prognosticators [noun]

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Two suns shone in the sky, prognosticator of still deeper frost.

It seems to me that the examiner should be an exceedingly able diagnostician and prognosticator.

The prognosticator in these cases is deceived, because he is solely directed by the order of his indices.

This pretty spotted little beetle was used formerly in the neighbourhood of Llanidloes as a prognosticator of the weather.

A small sea-fowl which the natives of the Western Isles of Scotland trust in, as a prognosticator of the weather.

A sea-bird nearly as large as a duck, held by the people of the Hebrides as a prognosticator of weather.

When the patchwork of mentalities was complete he allowed the conclusions of the prognosticator to occupy his mind.

The prognosticator could not lie, and soon the facade dissolved into individual reactions as acceptance became general.

He considered himself a prognosticator; and, what was more unfortunate, some eminent persons really thought he was.

The Mole has long been recorded as a prognosticator of change of weather, before which it becomes very active.