Programmed [verb]

Definition of Programmed:

plan out; supply instructions

Synonyms of Programmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Programmed:

Sentence/Example of Programmed:

This was the race as programmed; this was the Pitkin annual clean-up as planned.

Storri programmed his own appearance at the drain for sharp ten.

This particular android, Barrent realized, was programmed only to look for rats and mice.

The Tomcat programmed the slaughter for that last moment when the setting sun should touch the hard, gray skyline.

It is not only the mechanical reproduction of words or sound patterns, which machines can also be programmed to perform.

"Yes," he said in that programmed tone which indicated endless gratitude for the privilege of half-being.

"It probably was operated either by programmed automatics or by remote control," Hilton decided, finally.

We have prints out and have programmed part of the operation.

If the ships ran into a situation for which they were not programmed, they'd be paralyzed, at least temporarily.

The rocket was programmed to reach twelve G during first-stage flight—twelve times the force of gravity!