Progressed [verb]

Definition of Progressed:

move forward

Synonyms of Progressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Progressed:

Sentence/Example of Progressed:

Begun in 1851, Esmond progressed rapidly, and by the end of May 1852 it was completed.

The ball once started gained size and momentum as it progressed.

As we progressed, the country grew more and more solemnly aloof.

At a leisurely pace we progressed through the main thoroughfares.

"Storerooms in this wing," the Eurasian explained as they progressed.

As they progressed, the water got hotter and hotter, and the ducks' discomfort was evident.

And as he progressed, the merry din of typewriters grew louder and louder.

Her education was commenced, but progressed rather irregularly.

Humanity has progressed in spite of the fear that has dwarfed our stature.

As we progressed I soon saw what occasioned the major part of the noise.