Progresses [noun]

Definition of Progresses:

advancement, gain

Synonyms of Progresses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Progresses:

Sentence/Example of Progresses:

"I declare, our Bohemianism progresses famously," said she, half tartly.

The disease often progresses slowly, and may last for years.

It progresses peacefully if it can, but forcibly if it must.

It was often customary for the kings on their progresses to give pittances of 4d.

I watch my little romance daily, and will let you hear further as it progresses.

It progresses very slowly from 666 per cent., and at 80 per cent.

But the conception of rights, as we have seen, changes and progresses.

You know how one of these conversations grows, expands and progresses.

Commerce rejoices in, and progresses by, a common measure of Values.

My Suite progresses slowly; but it seems likely to be successful.