Progressives [noun]

Definition of Progressives:

person who advocates significant, often extreme change

Opposite/Antonyms of Progressives:

Sentence/Example of Progressives:

Progressives are prophets; and fortunately not all the people are prophets.

The Progressives, however, welcomed with eagerness this robust leadership.

Finally, Hughes did not prove adept in reconciling the Progressives.

Out of this defeat came a partial victory for the Progressives.

Ergo, to support the Progressives, and pay for it, is Re-diggle-ous!

The Progressives, as might have been expected, had been poorly organized.

The old cry', he says, 'the old cry against which progressives got to fight,' he says.

The majority of the Progressives returned to the Republican fold in 1916.

There were then, as now, "stand-patters" and "progressives."

The former were the Progressives, the latter the Conservatives.