Prohibitionists [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prohibitionists:

Then, recanting previous opinions, I became a prohibitionist.

They are a compromise, it is true, but that is better than the prohibitionist's vain fight.

Mother, didn't you tell me that the late lamented was not a prohibitionist?

This animal would also appear to have been something of a prohibitionist.

The prohibitionist will say that all this progress has been made in spite of the evils of drink.

He had not known that he was a Prohibitionist; he had become one suddenly!

At that time he was a Methodist, a prohibitionist and was not a pensioner.

On the other hand, I have never come across a Prohibitionist among them.

As I am not a prohibitionist, this statement is nonpartizan.

He was, in fact, no prohibitionist, but he was a strong believer in temperance.