Prohibitory [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Prohibitory:

We seldom hear the word, because there is a prohibitory proverb, "Never say die."

Do they make no appeal for immediate, energetic and prohibitory legislation?

Trains are slow, and rates often so high as to be prohibitory.

But this is the restrictive or prohibitory system in its simplest form.

It is conceded on all hands that the Prohibitory law is also beaten.

It contains but five clauses touching the subject: four of these are prohibitory, and the other is simply permissive.

From that time there was no further suspension of the prohibitory act.

All their local rates from New York on, were, of course, prohibitory.

Such taxes are prohibitory and protectionist at the same time.

The fields are not so cut up, nor the roadways so narrow, nor the fences so prohibitory.