Projects [noun]

Definition of Projects:

undertaking, work

Synonyms of Projects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Projects:

Sentence/Example of Projects:

I beg, that I may not be sacrificed to projects, and remote contingencies.

Nelson, who was appointed to superintend the evacuation, frustrated these projects.

As I was about to unfold these projects at breakfast, a telegram was handed to me.

He thinks he has my destiny in his hands, and knows all my projects.

I am much mistaken if he does not suspect the projects of Hatteras.

But I know the reason; he's afraid you'd get out of his control; he has his own projects.

There were projects of giving up India and settling at home.

Now I read your heart, and all your projects are revealed to me.

The sheet is led aft to a spar that projects beyond the counter.

We shall examine some of these projects, and we may as well begin with the most recent.