Proletariat [noun]

Definition of Proletariat:

working class

Synonyms of Proletariat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proletariat:


Sentence/Example of Proletariat:

First of all it compels the proletariat to live in the most disgusting promiscuity.

I thought the proletariat would have won, and you say it is all different.

They will exhaust themselves struggling against their proletariat.

Am I going to motor down to hear the protests of the proletariat to-night?

This is a distinct phase of the struggle of the proletariat everywhere.

What, then, should the proletariat care for the overthrow of the Roman state by the barbarians?

Over there they claim the proletariat owns the means of production.

The proletariat doesn't appreciate what we are trying to do for them!

After the abolition of slavery, the abolition of the proletariat.

It 61 is losing the farms their dwellers, and swelling the cities with a proletariat.