Prolonging [verb]

Definition of Prolonging:

extend, draw out

Synonyms of Prolonging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prolonging:

Sentence/Example of Prolonging:

It's merely a case of prolonging the short time left to her and making it happy.

I said, well enough pleased at the chance of prolonging our walk.

There was nothing more of value to be gained by prolonging the interview.

These Indian princes are adepts in the art of prolonging a negotiation.

The baggage was all in by this time, and there was no need of his prolonging his stay.

He cut short the banker's half-hearted apologies for not prolonging the evening.

The Princess did not further embarrass Patsy by prolonging her inspection.

Whether this had any influence in prolonging her sleep it would be difficult to say.

You have no power of prolonging the sounds, or of resting upon them.

The poor girl realised that nothing could be gained by prolonging the interview.