Prom [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Prom:

Ashley Dwight had been up307 to see her twice since the prom.

Twenty-four dances to fill, and the Prom only two weeks off!

I'm filling up a girl's card for the Prom, and I want you to help me out.

It's a week since Prom, and I haven't had a line from Cynthia.

Prom his accustomed chair, the King could see this painting.

President Culver spoke sternly in chapel and hinted that there would be no Prom the coming year.

Prom what non-human parent did the human race directly spring?

Prom the time of their marriage nothing had been said between them of Arthur Henty.

She came down in due time—kept me waiting as long as if she had been the belle of the prom—and she shook hands all over me.

Prom the earliest date of the University of Paris, he had been the patron there of all students of the German race.