Prominent [adjective]

Definition of Prominent:

sticking out; conspicuous

Opposite/Antonyms of Prominent:

Sentence/Example of Prominent:

Why, our movements have been as prominent and open as the house-tops from the beginning.

It has the grand and prominent virtue of being at once and easily skippable.

But he was prominent in nothing, for prominence was to him a thing like bodily pain.

Perhaps the most prominent of these was his passion for boat-sailing.

I once went into the woods with a prominent college athlete.

The nose was long, prominent, and delicately sharp in the nostril.

Bunyan was the most prominent Dissenter in the neighbourhood.

It has mimicked some prominent line, or overpowered some necessary mass.

There was a distinct question in her prominent eyes as she fixed them on him.

Charles Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, was prominent as an orator.