Promontories [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Promontories:

The castle bars the access to the promontory, upon which stands the cathedral.

The ground plan of the house followed the outline of the promontory on which it stood.

Took boat on the lake, from the promontory of Dindog before mentioned.

When we anchored off the promontory we were surprised to receive no signs of welcome.

The name given to the first promontory to appear is significant.

The storm was from the west, and the promontory pointed to the north.

This rock is a promontory on the island of Leucas, upon which was a temple to Apollo.

Another was on the west of the promontory of Paria, and named Cape Lapa.

That post on the promontory styled the Eguillette by the natives must be taken.

The grove through which the troop was passing ended just by the edge of the promontory.