Promoted [verb]

Definition of Promoted:

help, advance

Synonyms of Promoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Promoted:

Sentence/Example of Promoted:

The girl is to be married next week; and this promoted and brought about by him.

They promoted good feeling between the farmers and their labourers.

In the kingdom of heaven people do not think whether I am promoted, or whether you are promoted.

It was something that had nothing earthly to do with the end to be promoted.

He flung himself upon my neck; he has been promoted to be an officer.

"Kenelm ain't been promoted yet," observed Captain Obed gravely.

Yes, there had been changes, and he was promoted to a sphere of higher usefulness.

From the place of Receiver-General he was promoted to the place of Governor.

In this he was successful, as he was promoted to that dignity upon his return to France.

There is no doubt that this idea should be encouraged and promoted.