Pronouncements [noun]

Definition of Pronouncements:

declaration, statement

Synonyms of Pronouncements:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pronouncements:

Sentence/Example of Pronouncements:

Never, to the last hour of my life, shall I forget the effect of that pronouncement.

This pronouncement gave the corsairs all the assurance they required.

This pronouncement embodies the sentiments of every Nationalist Irishman.

Yes, she had come to investigate, to observe, to seek the truth of her own pronouncement.

A period of silence for a time after Prester Kleig's pronouncement.

The pronouncement gave me food for an hour's anxious thought.

I was too concerned at the news to ask for the explanation of that pronouncement, and he went on.

It is difficult to express how much that pronouncement comforted me.

He was listening, now, as a man arraigned might listen for the pronouncement of a judgment.

This pronouncement was altogether too much of a good thing for Fate.