Proofreaders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Proofreaders:

Is that not the business of the author, the editor, and the proofreader?

If any questions are to be raised they should be discussed by the proofreader with the author.

W R fired three copyboys and a proofreader he was so mad at himself.

The proofreader on a paper of large circulation is an example.

Any questions which then arise lie between the author and the proofreader.

The technical phases of the proofreader's work; reading, marking, revising, etc.; methods of handling proofs and copy.

Questions of correctness and conformity to style belong not to him but to the copy editor and proofreader.

A complete list of proofreader's signs can be found in the back of any large dictionary.

He began the career in which success and distinction awaited him as proofreader on a newspaper in the city.

And it could not have been a proofreader; for, if there was any proof-reader, he was the most careless one that ever lived.