Proofreading [verb]

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The methods by which they are made, marked, and corrected, with observations on proofreading.

A few suggestions as to proofreading and correcting may prove useful.

Sandra Peterson assisted with proofreading the later drafts.

The work of the editors has been vastly eased by Beata Prochnow Jorgenson's assistance in typing, proofreading, et cetera.

Ma Pettengill and I here quickly agreed that the proofreading on the Recorder was not all it should be.

In general I have therefore limited myself to weeding out certain errors that were overlooked, or introduced, in the proofreading.

The proofreading must be trained and consistent, standing for much more than the mere correction of errors.

Every copy was then an edition by itself and a possible source of error, calling therefore for its own proofreading.

In proofreading I struck out "factious;" as needless, and as a generalization on insufficient premises.

I worked at a direct-mail house, proofreading the mailing labels.