Propagandist [noun]

Definition of Propagandist:

spreader of misinformation

Synonyms of Propagandist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propagandist:


Sentence/Example of Propagandist:

Secret meetings, propagandist organizations, flooded the land.

In 1900 there were in the whole Islamic world not more than 200 propagandist journals.

Can you still complain of the propagandist turn of such a man?

I, if you please, carrying an armful of propagandist literature.'

The Prussian propagandist has brought them face to face with a new Kaiserism.

Every truly religious man, every good Socialist, is a propagandist.

Each beggar is a propagandist, and his brethren expect of him at least one convert.

And this faith was published to the heathen with the hot rhetoric of a propagandist.

Galsworthy, even as Hauptmann, is neither a propagandist nor a moralist.

But in general correspondence and propagandist work this cannot be done.