Propagating [verb]

Definition of Propagating:

breed, reproduce

Synonyms of Propagating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propagating:

Sentence/Example of Propagating:

Out of those he has selected the best and is propagating from them.

It will build up organs for the purpose of propagating itself.

They used no force in propagating their beliefs or in defending their lives.

Above the tanks are the propagating beds as shown in figure 8.

But this speaks only to the Propagating of Jelousies, not to the Rise of them.

The pastors in Savoy are also very zealous in propagating this devotion to Mary.

More than with any other fruit, double-working is used in propagating pears.

Abdallah and other Jews assisted Mahomet in propagating the Koran.

But He has not exempted Christians from the duty of preserving and propagating it.

He had seen all Grauburg, living and dying and propagating for generations.