Propellants [noun]

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Some jerk has redesigned the primer so that the flame misses the propellant!

Its final fall was due to the introduction of gunpowder as a propellant.

The suit had been torn in the fall, and some propellant had gotten in through the rents.

The propellant was taking the rocket almost out of sight when the fuse fired it.

Compressed air was the propellant for the Zalinski dynamite gun.

For instance, the one which drives the shell from the gun, known as the propellant, must not be too sudden in its action.

Clearly, smoke, which is most objectionable in the propellant, is a positive advantage in the bursting charge.

It is desired that a propellant shall produce the maximum velocity with the minimum pressure.

In army usage the term "propellant" includes both smokeless powder and black powder.

The cost of a loaded 75-millimeter shell with the fuse and propellant charge ready to be fired is about $11.