Propelled [verb]

Definition of Propelled:

throw; release into air

Synonyms of Propelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propelled:

Sentence/Example of Propelled:

It was making straight for the island, propelled by vigorous arms.

Juve propelled him towards a gangway: a minute later both were on the boat.

With a show of exasperation, Arnold propelled him through the door.

While she was propelled, many other wheels were turning and turning fast.

Stacy shot up into the air as if he had been propelled from a bow gun.

It was propelled by a native just like an ordinary wheelbarrow.

Very confidently she propelled his trunk against his chin and added, "Come in."

The first deep-water vessel thus to be propelled was the Savannah.

This river-craft was a double-decker, propelled by oars from the lower deck.

They propelled them along the drains by a long pole, called a “poy.”