Propelling [verb]

Definition of Propelling:

throw; release into air

Synonyms of Propelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propelling:

Sentence/Example of Propelling:

Mado laughed as he started the generators of the propelling energy.

There did not seem to be a large amount of propelling power in her.

They had neither oar nor other means of propelling it to shore.

He came back quite rapidly, propelling the boat with the paddle.

"Let's be going," Retief said, propelling Magnan toward the hall.

Some long poles for propelling it had also been cut and shaped.

The real force needed is not a propelling but a deflecting force.

They are for propelling or driving the ball, according to the rules of the game.

I need not go into details regarding the propelling mechanism of this craft.

She was manned with a great crew of rowers, who were propelling her with long oars.