Propels [verb]

Definition of Propels:

throw; release into air

Synonyms of Propels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Propels:

Sentence/Example of Propels:

She is steered by the same apparatus which propels her, viz.

He propels it with great skill and steers it with the accuracy of an expert.

But the archer has also to supply the motive force which propels his arrow.

The will may be compared to the power which propels a ship through the waves.

Knocking on is when a player strikes or propels the ball with his hands or arms.

If you do, you interfere with the machinery that propels the mule's fore legs.

The force with which the air strikes the water is what propels it.

The power that propels this amazing projectile consisted in the aggregate of a few cubic feet of gaseous171 vapors.

When we say heart we have come to mean something more than the hollow muscular structure that propels the blood through the veins.

This is explained when we remember the diminished force that propels the portal blood.