Prophecy [noun]

Definition of Prophecy:


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Sentence/Example of Prophecy:

A bee entered one of the chambers with a prophecy of flowers.

Now I should like to know a more sure word of prophecy than that!

They have the gift of prophecy, and their predictions are always realised.

The sentence has been reversed; the prophecy of Skirving has become history.

They even believe them endowed with something celestial and the spirit of prophecy.

I am not going to say that the prophecy you made just to encourage me a little is going to be fulfilled.

He comes as a convert with a message, and laden with books of prophecy.

His wish—his dear wish—was fulfilled; his prophecy was realized.

And I thought that the word of Phoebus, being divine and full of prophecy, would not fail.

It is only in the visions of prophecy that we see the Lion with wings.