Prophesied [verb]

Definition of Prophesied:

predict, warn

Synonyms of Prophesied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prophesied:


Sentence/Example of Prophesied:

Wouldn't he have opened his eyes if any one had prophesied this?

They prophesied, that from the moment I began to be employed, I should rise rapidly.

Then he prophesied great things, if he would go along with him.

And though I never once thought of Joe Kramer, he had prophesied aright.

I have been the prophetess of evil, but I have prophesied too truly.

Every one liked him and prophesied his success in life and in the legal profession.

The prophesied gale held off, but the darkness shut in rapidly.

The stock, instead of goin' up, as you prophesied, went down.

But he only rallied her and laughed again, and prophesied joy on the morrow.

The sky was dark, it was late in the afternoon, and the storm he had prophesied had arrived.