Prophetess [noun]

Definition of Prophetess:


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Sentence/Example of Prophetess:

Well, she is certainly no prophetess among these countryfolk.

I have been the prophetess of evil, but I have prophesied too truly.

Have I been as good a prophetess in saying that you would like it?'

A place in which the validity of a philosophy is judged by the hat of its prophetess.

It was the night after the visit of Abidan and the prophetess.

We found here the prophetess or apostle-ess, with her company.

Then the prophetess Deborah, the wife of Lappidoth, delivered Israel.

As the valour of the warrior and the song of the scald, so is the lore of the prophetess.

Since then, Prophetess, Night hath been my comrade, and Death my familiar.

She had since become a prophetess, who heard the voice of her God.