Proposals [noun]

Definition of Proposals:

suggestion, presentation for action

Synonyms of Proposals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proposals:

Sentence/Example of Proposals:

This man has by his proposals captivated every soul of the Harlowes—Soul!

And now, thought I, am I to be ordered down to recognize my own proposals.

I know not what to say of Lovelace; nor what to think of his promises, nor of his proposals to you.

Accounts for his plausible behaviour, and specious promises and proposals.

And probably, of all his proposals, it is the most likely to succeed.

All that can be said of the extravagance of Plato's proposals is anticipated by himself.

And if we would do Plato justice, we must examine carefully the character of his proposals.

The Deputy-Governor added his own passionate pleading to the proposals of the letter.

In the cold light of morning you may see our two proposals in their proper proportions.

Had I known of it I had not troubled you with other proposals for the safety of your State.