Proposer [noun]

Definition of Proposer:

person supporting an idea or cause publicly

Synonyms of Proposer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proposer:

Sentence/Example of Proposer:

It is, as I have said, not always the man who is the proposer of the flight.

As a proposer he had much of the talent of his brother, but little of his genius.

And all this is submitted to the proposer by his 'Obliged and Humble Servant.'

And again he extolled his personal merit in screwing up the proposer.

That the plan was not feasible does not detract from the fairness and benevolence of the proposer.

This year also had a tribune as a proposer of the agrarian law.

The more popular the candidate, the less work there is for his proposer and seconder.

From the name of its proposer, this composition is called "frankoline."

The last provision was added during the passage of the bill, and is known from its proposer as the Chandos Clause.

Nominations are now made in writing by proposer, seconder, and eight others, all registered voters.