Proposes [verb]

Definition of Proposes:

suggest, present for action

Synonyms of Proposes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proposes:

Sentence/Example of Proposes:

Ezry Winship al'ays has done for his own, an' he proposes to do, jes' as fur's he's able.

Proposes a condition on which Mrs. Howe may see all they write.

Fecundity is the end he proposes, and he rewards with intoxicating delights those who contribute to the fulfilment of his designs.

And the criterion which he proposes is difference in the working of the faculties.

Callicles proposes that they shall go with him to his own house, where Gorgias is staying.

Anytus proposes death as the penalty: and what counter-proposition shall he make?

These Plato proposes to leave to a younger generation of legislators.

It will be a considerable addition to the capital she proposes to invest.

Don Severiano proposes a stroll (he tells me) through his grounds.

Rufe Craig proposes to steal the Noda as he has stolen the Tomah.