Props [noun]

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It has fixed rules which are the props of order, and will not swerve or bend in extreme cases.

Put up a forest of props (as at the Abbey) and keep off touch and contamination?

He felt as if the props had been kicked from beneath a line on which swung all his best linen.

Many of the walls are supported by props to prevent them from tumbling.

Besides, 7,000 props is not a big thing for a group of mines.

As a matter of fact I want the props, but I'd do it anyway to see you through.

The young manager watched the operations and took a tally of the props.

Except for columns and girders and some props, all the forming was used three times.

None but props ever places a piece of furniture on the stage.

My property room is well stocked, and you can have the use of the props.