Pros [noun]

Definition of Pros:

person in charge, female or male

Opposite/Antonyms of Pros:

Sentence/Example of Pros:

Pros fought with cons, elbowed them, were hustled in return.

All I have done is to select from the Pros and Cons that present themselves to my mind.

Pros had taken the glass from Mandy and held it to Gray's lips.

"I'll see to that, Gray," Pros said, rising and preparing to go.

"We'll try it," said Pros Passmore, and they set out together.

"That ain't goin' to hurt nobody," commented Pros philosophically.

With a quick touch of the arm Johnnie signed to Pros to move on.

Pros laid hold on the other side, and between them they half carried the shackled captive around the spring and to the door.

Now Pros looked all about him, and seemed in no haste to begin, though Gray knew well there was something on his mind.

Pros Passmore leaned back in his chair, digesting this new bit of information luxuriously.