Prosecutions [noun]

Definition of Prosecutions:

the act of furthering a project

Synonyms of Prosecutions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prosecutions:

Sentence/Example of Prosecutions:

By the way (to Counsel for the Prosecution), Have we any witnesses?

The zeal which the latter evinced in his Prosecution of Hastings.

The Prosecution hoped to show that this chain was the one which I had said had been stolen.

The Prosecution's first battle against the "higher-ups" had brought no victory.

"Big Jim" Gallagher, the Prosecution's leading witness, disappeared.

Council for the Prosecution (after the Witness has been sworn).

Prosecution of the "Law of Population" was threatened, but never commenced; a worse weapon against me was in store.

Prosecution objected, and by a vote of 20 to 29, the decision of the Chief Justice was overruled.

These answers to tire interrogatories seemed to prove the reverse of what the Prosecution had expected.

An expert witness on the side of the Prosecution, or any witness called by the Defense.