Prosecutors [noun]

Definition of Prosecutors:

person who checks thoroughly

Synonyms of Prosecutors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prosecutors:


Sentence/Example of Prosecutors:

Prosecutor followed, stopped her, and said, 'I've got you now.'

Our Prosecutor was admirable—and that Etchepare is the lowest swine.

Prosecutor—“Very likely, your honor; there were two stolen.”

“It is never too late for justice, Mr. Prosecutor,” said he.

“My appointment with the Prosecutor is at ten-thirty,” said Mr. Parker briskly.

The Prosecutor for the Crown then rose, and summed up the evidence.

Wasn't that a terrible arraignment of Prosecutor Murgatroyd!

Don't you think we can cut all that sort of thing out, Mr. Prosecutor?

Gilles cries out that the Prosecutor is a liar and a traitor.

With a gesture, brushing away his tears, the Prosecutor arrested the proceedings.