Prosody [noun]

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You are under no earthly obligation to Messrs. Syntax and Prosody.

Prosody, the song of angels, and no earthly or inglorious theme.

Besides, there are a great many lines to be considered in the second part of Prosody, which treats of Versification.

As there is in Arithmetic a long division and a short division, so in Prosody is Quantity considered as long or short.

However—the Prosody and Serpent lectures are just finishing off and then I shall come to see you in the morning!

Prosody deals with metre; and with accent, quantity and the articulate sounds, as subordinate to metre.

It is common for those that deliver the grammar of modern languages, to omit the Prosody.

But we are not yet come to the Prosody; nor shall we arrive there very soon unless we get on with the Syntax.

As Comparative Anatomy teaches what the sound of a cod-fish is; so Prosody teaches what is the sound of syllables.

There is a river in Macedon and a river in Monmouth: in like manner there are positions in dancing and positions in Prosody.